Johnny Foreigner.

It is a fact, that Britain, – the United Kingdom as it once was, –  has always looked down upon ‘foreigners.’ It makes no difference if the ‘foreigners’ they look down upon originate from their own Country or a Nation thousands of miles away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The British attitude is one of ‘barely-tolerant, supercilious snobbery.’ We regard ourselves as a “cut above” – having some in-bred authority and gravitas: great knowledge and power with which to defeat our rivals and enemies: having the wit to know who to smite and the wit to know how to avoid being hit.

                                              However, the undeniable and historical fact that most of Western Europe during the ‘Dark Ages’ (400 to 1000AD) was populated by ignorant, uncivilized and illiterate peasants. In stark contrast to the Eastern European and Arabic Nations whose scientific, mathematical and social achievements meant they enjoyed a level of literacy, numeracy and intellectual pursuit that just did not exist in any great numbers in Northern Europe. It is fascinating to study the history and civilization of the East which existed simultaneously to that of the West. By comparison the Eastern civilizations flourished and grew, becoming economic giants and having a level of technology that could not even be dreamed of in the West. Even with the advancement and spread of Christianity (a religion with its origins in the East) to the Western European Nations – the differences between Arab and European peoples could not be more unalike. The collapse of Roman Britain returned its indigenous people to a state of relative ignorance. Although remnants of Roman Technology were left behind and could easily have been replicated or even improved upon, there is no evidence to suggest that was the case. Much of the development in cultural and social life were caused by the invading nations who each settled for a while. The interaction between State and Church seems to have been the fulcrum along which profound changes were made to the alignment and hierarchy of Tribal peoples. Britain was an almost entirely ‘feudal’ Society, where “might” was “right.” The Crown of authority was seized often and rulers over different parts of England were mainly opportunists and assassins. It might be argued that much of the wealth and power enjoyed by a minority of self-styled “Royalty” was through the prosecution of criminal acts, murders, destruction of property, enslavement and the wholesale slaughter of anyone who protested. Since these self-appointed ‘Royals’ were often surrounded by armies of supporters, sympathizers and camp-followers looking for leadership -the local peasantry found themselves being consistently dominated by a series of brutal, oppressive and cruel overlords.

It is also true to say that many of the wars fought by the local peasantry had little or nothing to do with their hopes, dreams or ambitions. Much of the time the wars they fought had only to do with the ambitions and desires of their overlords. The story of the dispute between Queen Matilda (Maude) and King Stephen of Blois tells us much about the machinations and attitudes of the Nobles towards their charges and towards each other..

In truth there was at least as little grace in the behaviour of the Kings and Queens of England as there is in any school bully demanding money for the tuck shop! It was thus the issue of Taxes was raised, and it is how successive Royals paid for their Feasts, Castles, Jousts and Wars. The peasant was merely a “means to an end” having no rights or entitlements save those his/her Leige Lord bestowed upon him/her. Much of the legitimacy of the early Feudal Law was based upon the same principle of ‘might is right’ as it was in the first establishment of a Feudal Hierarchy. Barons were ‘legitimized’ by the approval of the King: their remit was to take property or money from the Peasants who lived on land which had been given to them by force of arms. These days we would call that ‘extortion’ or ‘mugging.’ Up until the Court of ‘Curia Regis’ – the ‘policy’ of ‘might is right’ dominated the lives of the peasants.

Tax Collecting – A Royal ‘Entitlement.’

The evolution of tax-collecting is pretty much identical across Northern Europe. Based upon the same ‘feudal’ entitlements: the right of a well-armed, homicidal and hostile force to demand of its dominated population, a proportion of their wealth, family members, resources and/or goods. Receiving only token ‘protection’ from other marauding tribes of equally homicidal men.  It didn’t seem to matter who their ‘Overlord’ might be – they were simply forced to pay until they could pay no more, or died in the process. Civilization must have seemed beyond imagination.

It seems that the only ‘superiority’ so far illustrated was in numbers and in arms. This is in the absence of any form of technology that was not dedicated to Warfare or the inflicting of pain, agony, misery and debilitation upon the population. Unlike during Roman times, there were no aquaducts, underfloor heating, sanitation, roadbuilding or even reasonable land drainage. In many ways Post-Roman Britain became more primitive than before. Although new skills and cultural markets opened up to the peasants, there were few if any leaps forward in technology or knowledge and this is because every single aspect of the peasants lives was thoroughly dominated and unsparingly punished by The Roman Catholic Church.

What started out as a benign and ‘forgiving’ religion, through rich Benefactors and skilled Political Ideologists soon became an incontravertible and intolerant Religion, spreading out over Europe, North Africa, Arabia and The ‘Holy’ Lands. deepening, entrenching and reinforcing its systemmatic claim to be the Supreme Authority of God on The Earth. Not satisfied with simply having a ‘message’ – it turned the Parables of Christ into weapons with which it tortured, broke, murdered, strangled, impoverished, destroyed and annihilated anyone and anything it perceived as an enemy. The Gentle Carpenter’s story became a Blood-soaked saga and a Fire and Brimstone ‘revelation’ with which it terrified the ignorant peasants.  The Bible, although written long after many of the events that were alleged to have taken place during Christ’s life – none of which have ever been ratified or proven – yet all of which carried the most dreadful, agonizing and excruciatingly inhumane ‘penalties’ if they were disbelieved. The Pope had become another de facto Dictator. One who was not only capable of killing the body through torture, maiming and execution: but was equally able to destroy the soul through Excommunication.  The Three Tiered ‘Crown of Salvation’ had transformed into the Earthly,manifestation of Vatican City  and an Economic, Military and Spiritual Domination of the World through its own brand of terror. During the Grand Inquisition of Spain and under the direct authority of the Church of Rome , hundreds of thousands of people, including Spanish Jews, were destroyed in the most barbaric ways.

Being taught through history to respect The Tyrant.. (to read my words is, by definition – ‘Sedition.’)

It is a simple fact that, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century – we should not be paying quite so much ‘patronage’ or ‘homage’ to the tyrants of old. Especially those who call themselves the ‘Upper Classes.’

Perhaps I am a ‘Leveller’ – one of the Men who refused to see the ‘difference’ between Monarchy and Serfdom, Rich and Poor, High and Low born. It is probably because both my parents worked and my childhood was underscored with the idea of ‘equality.’ Not merely sexual politics, but a sense of equality that stemmed from having ‘equal authority’ in my family. As I have already posted, much of my early childhood was bookmarked with Political and Philosophical/Religious Education. Through the understanding of ideological, philosophical and political history and an overview of the ‘regimes’ my Father and his Family came through during the years from his Birth in 1925 during the worst famine in Latvia for five hundred years, to the unfolding events of the Nazi Invasion of the Baltics and his part from thereon. I learned about Communism and Fascism at my Father’s knee – and was never allowed to simply ignore either the threat or possibility of either or both political ideologies making their ways, by direct or circuitous means, into British Politics.

One thing is certain – the (self styled)  ‘Upper Classes’ do not like being told they are little more than the historical descendants of  thugs, traitors, criminals and thieves. The problem is that, that is exactly what most of them are!

They use ‘romantic’ terms like ‘conquer,’ ‘overthrow’ or ‘subdue’ – to make their violence against ordinary people of the Nations seem justified (perhaps even ‘desirable?’) Yet, when History is examined closely, dispassionately and without any sycophantic deference to those who are considered ‘Royal’ or ‘Noble’- the truth is moreoften awful and stark. All too often, those who have Titles, Lands, Priveliges did little or nothing to obtain them – save arguably, to murder those who were perceived as a threat to the already ‘established’ hierarchies. Over time, their petty criminality became regarded as ‘Entitlement’ – especially when ‘ruled’ upon by those who took the land by “force of arms.” That is, stole at the point of a Sword.

Perhaps the great battle of Agincourt was  a momentous event in British History. Perhaps it was one of the pivotal moments when the established Nobilities were decimated – and ordinary men were able to take advantage of opportunities hitherto denied to them?

But, there are the thousand other smaller battles where ordinary men of small amounts of land were cut down mercilessly and forced to hand over their possessions, their children and their livelihoods to little more than well- armed, well – provisioned ‘gangs.’  Again, over the passage of the Centuries, these same criminals have afforded themselves airs and graces that ordinary men cannot.

The Churches too: both Catholic and Protestant have enjoyed the feast upon innocent flesh. It might be said that, only the Jesuits ever devoted themselves to a life of poverty in order to ‘tread in the footsteps of Christ.’ All others have taken their tithes, their taxes and their ‘entitlements’ – in spite of having stolen lands from Pagan Worshippers and raided the property and livelihoods of those unfortunate enough to have already settled upon land that was then ‘given’ to the Church by a Monarch, A Lord, A Knight or even a Baron: even though it was not theirs to give. Theft, it seems – once given legitimacy by Royalty and later Government, is not stealing. Yet any Man who has faced the Criminal Courts of Justice, knows that if he is said to have stolen – he is a Thief, and no amount of hindsight, passage of time or agreement by his peers will turn theft into a ‘noble act.’

There is nothing remotely romantic or special about these self-appointed ‘superiors’ – inasmuch as there is nothing remotely special about them. Take the issue of ‘the right to bear arms.’ If one is mortally threatened, ordinarily one has no right to bear arms – nor to use ‘force of arms’ to repel any threat. The only right to ‘bear arms’ was enjoyed in the first instance by those who were given leave to carry a sword. By Royal Law: the only people who were permitted to ‘bear arms’ were those who were Knights and those who were given leave by a Knight to carry arms. The use, ownership or even keeping of a Sword by a non-noble (ie A Knight) was punishable by death. There were no extenuating circumstances for ordinary men. Later, even the carrying of a cudgel or a dagger could result in losing a hand or an eye. All of these ‘Laws’ were merely to ‘prevent and make impossible,’ anyone but a Knight being able to fight with a sword. However. In later centuries, the need for Armies of ‘ordinary men’ would allow them to use all manner of weapons – and keep them in ‘good order and privily.’

No. Too much deference, homage, patronage and cringing sycophancy is paid to a tiny minority of people who think of themselves as a ‘cut above’ the rest of us.

I say: we either destroy this notion and create a ‘fairer’ society or suffer it another thousand years.

This is not Communism or Socialism or any form of ‘schism.’ This is a New Social Paradigm that refuses to ‘see’ any kind of Social Class at all, especially those based upon either wealth or education. There is nothing more obscene than the very idea that the same ‘self-appointed’ Classes should have any right whatsoever to rule without limit. There is also no imperative so great in our Society today than that of the final and total destruction and disintegration of those who are hanging onto and presently attempting to reinforce the ‘Class System.’

Yes. I want to smash the Class System. And I do not want to ‘replace’ it with anything else. The nearest recompense might be a ‘meritocracy.’ Yet there are far too many vested interests to make that truly possible. However. If the Class System is finally destroyed it will allow a greater, fairer and more productive society to be created from its ashes. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I will ever see this happen, simply because there is still too much sycophancy towards those who already have power and authority.

No, it is not nice to have to treat people this way. It is not nice to have to tell a group of people that – though they have enjoyed Centuries of others bending over backwards to give them what they want, from the best seats at the Opera to the best Schooling in the land – their time is over. Finished. Ended.

Oxford will not close. Cambridge will not fail. Eton will not crumble and the house of lords will not descend into madness. Council kids will just have more chances, from an equal footing: privelige through birth will be ended – elitism will fade, those who advance will do so through merit – those who do not will do so by their own hand. There will be no more blacklists, no more segregation, no more ‘fast tracks’ and no more ‘snobbery.’ Yet the Classics will still be taught, Mathematics will still be tested, Science will still be investigated and all manner of subjects will still be studied. High Court Judges will no longer just be ‘chosen’ from Public School/Oxbridge Law Graduates. There will be no ‘greasy pole’ into Politics via the ‘Old Boy’s Network.’ The ‘Establishment’ will consist of men from all walks of life – and not just Old Etonians!