So you are at home: there has been an incident. Perhaps you were attacked or had something vandalized or stolen? You are pretty shaken up and had to phone the Police, but the Police say they are too busy to deal with your call. Instead, two burly guys arrive with the legend “G4S” emblazoned on the side of their van. You wonder what they want. It is only when you (reluctantly) open the door with the chain on and peer outside – you realise that these two strangers, dressed in ‘official’ looking uniforms and sporting state-of-the-art personal radios and carrying an iPad, are actually there to ‘take your details’ as part of their ‘ongoing’ investigation. At first you think it may be a joke. You are already feeling the after-effects of shock: anger, disbelief, sorrow and the increasingly powerful realisation that you just aren’t as strong or as menacing as you were in your youth: the last thing you wanted was for two second-rate wannabee Police Officers to arrive on your doorstep. You try to be cordial: polite even – in a stiff-upper-lip kind-of-way. You repeatedly slip into the habit of repeating yourself to them and gesturing a little too much, all-the-while trying to reassure yourself that “if the Police actually sent these guys – they must know what they are doing.” All the while knowing in your own mind – “I can’t wait to be rid of these f*cking idiots!”

Apart from the after-effects and the need for endless cups of tea (or something stronger) you become painfully aware that neither of the blokes in front of you has said anything remotely re-assuring, and one of them has even been repeatedly looking at his watch. In short: you just don’t trust them at all! There’s nothing much to add to your ‘statement’ which they hurriedly note on their iPad.When they ask you questions about insurance or if there is anyone they can contact on your behalf – you won’t answer them. Worse still (if you have been burgled) you don’t even want to tell them what has been stolen, how much it was worth, how long you have lived at your home, who else lives with you or anything about locksmiths or someone who can help you to tidy up because all you are thinking is ‘THEY ARE NOT THE POLICE, THEY ARE NOT THE POLICE, THEY ARE NOT THE POLICE!!’

It isn’t outsourcing the unimportant bits of Police Work – because it is highly likely that G4S’ Policing-for-profits will become the most corrupting influence upon the Metropolitan Police since Phone Hacking, The Levenson Inquiry, The death of the News of The World and the damaging revelations of Police Corruption through bribes paid (allegedly) by The Sun, The Times, The Mail and Express Newspapers, ie. the entire stable of News International Newspapers and the misleading and highly theatrical ‘testimony’ given to the Commons Select Committee on Press Standards by Rupert Murdoch and his Son!

That is a lot of corruption.  If G4S has its way, it is likely to get much, much worse, because if there is one thing we have learned from other Countries –

the moment you start to ‘invent’ other Police Forces, that is the moment Democracy dies.

Whether protesting against Government Actions or against Unfair Legislation, whether showing support for Unions, Causes or Individuals or whether Publicly Acknowledging, Supporting or Protesting the need for the re-opening of a failed Murder Investigation.. The likelihood of Public Protest and Demonstration being answered by an army of unnaccountable and anonymous G4S ‘officers’ is a real possibility and, not being the ‘real’ Police, – who knows where, or how, it would end?

Bearing in mind that David Cameron’s ‘friends’ are all involved, whether it is his self-confessed ‘Diva’ Emma Harrison – formerly of the Workfare ‘Providers’ A4E ( a Company which is now being investigated for Fraud and in which the Government has “invested” almost £100 million pounds of taxpayers money) or Paul Revere of UNUM, the American Health Insurance Company that is currently being swamped by Class Action Suits and which the Justice Department and FBI Fraud Investigators have branded “Institutionally Fraudulent.”


In the case of possible ‘Police Privatization’ Mr Cameron’s ‘friend’ John Shaw of American Security Company G4S (formerly Securicor) who has so-far been awarded £200,000,000 of taxpayers money, is looking to expand his business empire by convincing more Police Authorities to use his ‘services’ – all in the name of cutting costs to Government?..

Actually.. that’s wrong.. because we are paying for G4S by taking money away from the ‘real’ Police!

When the effectiveness of the Police is damaged through Government stupidity: when they rob them of Public Money – in order to pay their ‘cronies’ vast sums for doing the Police’s work. When the only thing that saves the Public from the excesses of ‘private policing interests’ is a bloody Warrant Card – the time has come to draw a line and say “this far: no further: ever!”

Because when a Government decides, without any consultation with the Public, to withdraw ‘Official’ Police Officers and Resources – that is the moment when thugs, criminals and all manner of miscreants can find themselves being ‘officially’ sanctioned to abuse, damage and withold the most basic human and civil right of all!

To answer to only ONE Crown Appointed and Crown Authorized Police Force


On this occasion I say ‘F*ck Cameron and f*ck his Government. All of them!