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Johnny Foreigner.

It is a fact, that Britain, – the United Kingdom as it once was, –  has always looked down upon ‘foreigners.’ It makes no difference if the ‘foreigners’ they look down upon originate from their own Country or a Nation thousands of miles away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The British attitude is one of ‘barely-tolerant, supercilious snobbery.’ We regard ourselves as a “cut above” – having some in-bred authority and gravitas: great knowledge and power with which to defeat our rivals and enemies: having the wit to know who to smite and the wit to know how to avoid being hit.

                                              However, the undeniable and historical fact that most of Western Europe during the ‘Dark Ages’ (400 to 1000AD) was populated by ignorant, uncivilized and illiterate peasants. In stark contrast to the Eastern European and Arabic Nations whose scientific, mathematical and social achievements meant they enjoyed a level of literacy, numeracy and intellectual pursuit that just did not exist in any great numbers in Northern Europe. It is fascinating to study the history and civilization of the East which existed simultaneously to that of the West. By comparison the Eastern civilizations flourished and grew, becoming economic giants and having a level of technology that could not even be dreamed of in the West. Even with the advancement and spread of Christianity (a religion with its origins in the East) to the Western European Nations – the differences between Arab and European peoples could not be more unalike. The collapse of Roman Britain returned its indigenous people to a state of relative ignorance. Although remnants of Roman Technology were left behind and could easily have been replicated or even improved upon, there is no evidence to suggest that was the case. Much of the development in cultural and social life were caused by the invading nations who each settled for a while. The interaction between State and Church seems to have been the fulcrum along which profound changes were made to the alignment and hierarchy of Tribal peoples. Britain was an almost entirely ‘feudal’ Society, where “might” was “right.” The Crown of authority was seized often and rulers over different parts of England were mainly opportunists and assassins. It might be argued that much of the wealth and power enjoyed by a minority of self-styled “Royalty” was through the prosecution of criminal acts, murders, destruction of property, enslavement and the wholesale slaughter of anyone who protested. Since these self-appointed ‘Royals’ were often surrounded by armies of supporters, sympathizers and camp-followers looking for leadership -the local peasantry found themselves being consistently dominated by a series of brutal, oppressive and cruel overlords.

It is also true to say that many of the wars fought by the local peasantry had little or nothing to do with their hopes, dreams or ambitions. Much of the time the wars they fought had only to do with the ambitions and desires of their overlords. The story of the dispute between Queen Matilda (Maude) and King Stephen of Blois tells us much about the machinations and attitudes of the Nobles towards their charges and towards each other..

In truth there was at least as little grace in the behaviour of the Kings and Queens of England as there is in any school bully demanding money for the tuck shop! It was thus the issue of Taxes was raised, and it is how successive Royals paid for their Feasts, Castles, Jousts and Wars. The peasant was merely a “means to an end” having no rights or entitlements save those his/her Leige Lord bestowed upon him/her. Much of the legitimacy of the early Feudal Law was based upon the same principle of ‘might is right’ as it was in the first establishment of a Feudal Hierarchy. Barons were ‘legitimized’ by the approval of the King: their remit was to take property or money from the Peasants who lived on land which had been given to them by force of arms. These days we would call that ‘extortion’ or ‘mugging.’ Up until the Court of ‘Curia Regis’ – the ‘policy’ of ‘might is right’ dominated the lives of the peasants.

Tax Collecting – A Royal ‘Entitlement.’

The evolution of tax-collecting is pretty much identical across Northern Europe. Based upon the same ‘feudal’ entitlements: the right of a well-armed, homicidal and hostile force to demand of its dominated population, a proportion of their wealth, family members, resources and/or goods. Receiving only token ‘protection’ from other marauding tribes of equally homicidal men.  It didn’t seem to matter who their ‘Overlord’ might be – they were simply forced to pay until they could pay no more, or died in the process. Civilization must have seemed beyond imagination.

It seems that the only ‘superiority’ so far illustrated was in numbers and in arms. This is in the absence of any form of technology that was not dedicated to Warfare or the inflicting of pain, agony, misery and debilitation upon the population. Unlike during Roman times, there were no aquaducts, underfloor heating, sanitation, roadbuilding or even reasonable land drainage. In many ways Post-Roman Britain became more primitive than before. Although new skills and cultural markets opened up to the peasants, there were few if any leaps forward in technology or knowledge and this is because every single aspect of the peasants lives was thoroughly dominated and unsparingly punished by The Roman Catholic Church.

What started out as a benign and ‘forgiving’ religion, through rich Benefactors and skilled Political Ideologists soon became an incontravertible and intolerant Religion, spreading out over Europe, North Africa, Arabia and The ‘Holy’ Lands. deepening, entrenching and reinforcing its systemmatic claim to be the Supreme Authority of God on The Earth. Not satisfied with simply having a ‘message’ – it turned the Parables of Christ into weapons with which it tortured, broke, murdered, strangled, impoverished, destroyed and annihilated anyone and anything it perceived as an enemy. The Gentle Carpenter’s story became a Blood-soaked saga and a Fire and Brimstone ‘revelation’ with which it terrified the ignorant peasants.  The Bible, although written long after many of the events that were alleged to have taken place during Christ’s life – none of which have ever been ratified or proven – yet all of which carried the most dreadful, agonizing and excruciatingly inhumane ‘penalties’ if they were disbelieved. The Pope had become another de facto Dictator. One who was not only capable of killing the body through torture, maiming and execution: but was equally able to destroy the soul through Excommunication.  The Three Tiered ‘Crown of Salvation’ had transformed into the Earthly,manifestation of Vatican City  and an Economic, Military and Spiritual Domination of the World through its own brand of terror. During the Grand Inquisition of Spain and under the direct authority of the Church of Rome , hundreds of thousands of people, including Spanish Jews, were destroyed in the most barbaric ways.

Being taught through history to respect The Tyrant.. (to read my words is, by definition – ‘Sedition.’)

It is a simple fact that, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century – we should not be paying quite so much ‘patronage’ or ‘homage’ to the tyrants of old. Especially those who call themselves the ‘Upper Classes.’

Perhaps I am a ‘Leveller’ – one of the Men who refused to see the ‘difference’ between Monarchy and Serfdom, Rich and Poor, High and Low born. It is probably because both my parents worked and my childhood was underscored with the idea of ‘equality.’ Not merely sexual politics, but a sense of equality that stemmed from having ‘equal authority’ in my family. As I have already posted, much of my early childhood was bookmarked with Political and Philosophical/Religious Education. Through the understanding of ideological, philosophical and political history and an overview of the ‘regimes’ my Father and his Family came through during the years from his Birth in 1925 during the worst famine in Latvia for five hundred years, to the unfolding events of the Nazi Invasion of the Baltics and his part from thereon. I learned about Communism and Fascism at my Father’s knee – and was never allowed to simply ignore either the threat or possibility of either or both political ideologies making their ways, by direct or circuitous means, into British Politics.

One thing is certain – the (self styled)  ‘Upper Classes’ do not like being told they are little more than the historical descendants of  thugs, traitors, criminals and thieves. The problem is that, that is exactly what most of them are!

They use ‘romantic’ terms like ‘conquer,’ ‘overthrow’ or ‘subdue’ – to make their violence against ordinary people of the Nations seem justified (perhaps even ‘desirable?’) Yet, when History is examined closely, dispassionately and without any sycophantic deference to those who are considered ‘Royal’ or ‘Noble’- the truth is moreoften awful and stark. All too often, those who have Titles, Lands, Priveliges did little or nothing to obtain them – save arguably, to murder those who were perceived as a threat to the already ‘established’ hierarchies. Over time, their petty criminality became regarded as ‘Entitlement’ – especially when ‘ruled’ upon by those who took the land by “force of arms.” That is, stole at the point of a Sword.

Perhaps the great battle of Agincourt was  a momentous event in British History. Perhaps it was one of the pivotal moments when the established Nobilities were decimated – and ordinary men were able to take advantage of opportunities hitherto denied to them?

But, there are the thousand other smaller battles where ordinary men of small amounts of land were cut down mercilessly and forced to hand over their possessions, their children and their livelihoods to little more than well- armed, well – provisioned ‘gangs.’  Again, over the passage of the Centuries, these same criminals have afforded themselves airs and graces that ordinary men cannot.

The Churches too: both Catholic and Protestant have enjoyed the feast upon innocent flesh. It might be said that, only the Jesuits ever devoted themselves to a life of poverty in order to ‘tread in the footsteps of Christ.’ All others have taken their tithes, their taxes and their ‘entitlements’ – in spite of having stolen lands from Pagan Worshippers and raided the property and livelihoods of those unfortunate enough to have already settled upon land that was then ‘given’ to the Church by a Monarch, A Lord, A Knight or even a Baron: even though it was not theirs to give. Theft, it seems – once given legitimacy by Royalty and later Government, is not stealing. Yet any Man who has faced the Criminal Courts of Justice, knows that if he is said to have stolen – he is a Thief, and no amount of hindsight, passage of time or agreement by his peers will turn theft into a ‘noble act.’

There is nothing remotely romantic or special about these self-appointed ‘superiors’ – inasmuch as there is nothing remotely special about them. Take the issue of ‘the right to bear arms.’ If one is mortally threatened, ordinarily one has no right to bear arms – nor to use ‘force of arms’ to repel any threat. The only right to ‘bear arms’ was enjoyed in the first instance by those who were given leave to carry a sword. By Royal Law: the only people who were permitted to ‘bear arms’ were those who were Knights and those who were given leave by a Knight to carry arms. The use, ownership or even keeping of a Sword by a non-noble (ie A Knight) was punishable by death. There were no extenuating circumstances for ordinary men. Later, even the carrying of a cudgel or a dagger could result in losing a hand or an eye. All of these ‘Laws’ were merely to ‘prevent and make impossible,’ anyone but a Knight being able to fight with a sword. However. In later centuries, the need for Armies of ‘ordinary men’ would allow them to use all manner of weapons – and keep them in ‘good order and privily.’

No. Too much deference, homage, patronage and cringing sycophancy is paid to a tiny minority of people who think of themselves as a ‘cut above’ the rest of us.

I say: we either destroy this notion and create a ‘fairer’ society or suffer it another thousand years.

This is not Communism or Socialism or any form of ‘schism.’ This is a New Social Paradigm that refuses to ‘see’ any kind of Social Class at all, especially those based upon either wealth or education. There is nothing more obscene than the very idea that the same ‘self-appointed’ Classes should have any right whatsoever to rule without limit. There is also no imperative so great in our Society today than that of the final and total destruction and disintegration of those who are hanging onto and presently attempting to reinforce the ‘Class System.’

Yes. I want to smash the Class System. And I do not want to ‘replace’ it with anything else. The nearest recompense might be a ‘meritocracy.’ Yet there are far too many vested interests to make that truly possible. However. If the Class System is finally destroyed it will allow a greater, fairer and more productive society to be created from its ashes. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I will ever see this happen, simply because there is still too much sycophancy towards those who already have power and authority.

No, it is not nice to have to treat people this way. It is not nice to have to tell a group of people that – though they have enjoyed Centuries of others bending over backwards to give them what they want, from the best seats at the Opera to the best Schooling in the land – their time is over. Finished. Ended.

Oxford will not close. Cambridge will not fail. Eton will not crumble and the house of lords will not descend into madness. Council kids will just have more chances, from an equal footing: privelige through birth will be ended – elitism will fade, those who advance will do so through merit – those who do not will do so by their own hand. There will be no more blacklists, no more segregation, no more ‘fast tracks’ and no more ‘snobbery.’ Yet the Classics will still be taught, Mathematics will still be tested, Science will still be investigated and all manner of subjects will still be studied. High Court Judges will no longer just be ‘chosen’ from Public School/Oxbridge Law Graduates. There will be no ‘greasy pole’ into Politics via the ‘Old Boy’s Network.’ The ‘Establishment’ will consist of men from all walks of life – and not just Old Etonians!


Since the very beginning, Governments of all political ideologies have tried to ‘control’ as much of what the public thinks as possible. It is a factor that is absolutely vital to being able to maintain Government’s Party Political aims and aspirations, while governing the population of the Country as a whole.

It is a sobering thought that much of modern Government is about controlling what you and I ‘think‘… and even more importantly, ‘what we think we think!‘ 

It is not enough to control and direct the thoughts of the Public: the very things that make us think the way we do,  must also be controlled.

A simpler way of exploring this idea is to consider why football is considered to be so important to so many people?

On the surface one might say that, it is a spectator sport, full of excitement and high energy: or, that it is a game of physical and mental skill where only the best players are winners! One might go further and say that, as it is a ‘team’ sport it encourages loyalty, cooperation, devotion to winning, determination, focus and ‘teamwork.’  One might highlight the skillsets needed to excel as a footballer: physical fitness, mental alertness, keen awareness, the ability to make instant decisions, self-management, self-determination, leadership. Yet these are all positive characteristics, and, to excel in any walk of life, whether it be sport, academia, art, music or dance, there must also be characteristics which are regarded as negative. Selfishness and self-centredness, disregard for failure, the inability or unwillingness to bow to criticism, an expansive or robust ego, elitism, the ability to ignore or block-out the thoughts, opinions or criticisms of others: moreover, a violent and reactionary personality, the tendency to sub-psychotic rage, possessiveness, jealousy, avarice, greed and a controlling or domineering nature are likely to make a better athlete, than a pedantic, meticulous and stoic personality.

It could be argued that it is not primarily (or only) the ‘good’ and ‘advantageous’ aspects of personality that make eg. footballers “winners.” On closer inspection, one might come to the conclusion that it is actually the negative aspects of personality that push us further!

Historians and Archaeologists have often suggested that team sports like ‘football’ are a kind of  “sublimated warfare..”  and have grown out of (among others) the Ancient Mongolian practice of wrapping the head of an enemy, killed in battle, in a linen or cloth bag and hitting it with sticks around a field on horseback. There is also reference to the Ancient Mayans who  played a similar game with a human head, but that the head belonged -not to an enemy slain in battle- but a member of their Tribe who sacrificed themselves for the game.

The modern game of football is indeed like sublimated war. It consists of two teams of eleven men (ten players and one goalkeeper) It is played between teams of different areas, localities, nationalities and continents. There are millions of football ‘fans’ world wide.

The desire to be on the pitch with the players during a football match can arouse very powerful emotions, such is the excitement generated. These emotions find different outlets – and for some, any and every match will end with violence, often between the fans of opposing teams, but sometimes directed towards their own supporters.

So. Why is football so important? Based on all the evidence we have about the game itself, the fact it is a form of ‘warfare’ without killing, but has all the excitement of a ‘blood sport’ (boxing)  is probably one of the most key factors!

Thus, any political party or Government trying to ‘control’ the thoughts and actions of a football fan needs to appeal to his/her loyalty, self-interest, elitism, goal-oriented personality, their selfishness, avarice, greed or violent/reactionary personas.They need to focus on exalting their sense of ‘self’ and making them feel unique, privelidged, gifted:

the ‘us’ as opposed to ‘them.’

In many ways, Government focuses upon the ‘fears’ of people far more than anything which suggests ‘security’ or ‘well-being.’ Hence the reason for focusing upon fears concerning : ‘Immigration, Employment, Housing and various types of State Welfare (including Tax and Benefits.)’

These are all issues which Politicians know are ‘hair-trigger’ emotionally driven issues. Read the following and think of how you felt while doing so….

The ‘reasons’ are many and varied, but they all hinge around the same racist accusations: the same Urban Myths! .. “Coming over here and…..!”

  1. Taking ‘Our’ Jobs..
  2. Not paying their Taxes..
  3. with too many of their Relatives..
  4. expecting Hand-outs..
  5. living off Benefits…
  6. getting Everything for Nothing..
  7. going to the top of Housing Lists..
  8. telling Us what to do..
  9. giving nothing back..
  10. using our NHS it was their own

The irony is, of course, that though many immigrants have found themselves in difficulty for a long time after they have come to the UK, they have often relied upon their own Communities (people who have already come to the UK) to help with settling in etc. In many instances the emigrés have been unable to speak English, which has been perceived as a reluctance or refusal to learn: yet, looking closer – one finds that some emigrés have religious and cultural reasons for not learning English. Certain Arabic/Islamic people (particularily Wives) are forbidden from leaving their houses without being accompanied by their Husbands. Others have experienced great hostility towards them by racist and bigoted individuals and families, being unable to leave their houses for fear of being set upon.

A greater proportion of Indian and Pakistani emigrés immediately start work for their families in established immigrant family businesses, without ever needing to claim any Welfare Benefits of any kind!.

It is perhaps, the perception of the relative ‘ease’ with which some immigrants seem to find their ‘niche’ in British Life that has been largely responsible for many of the grossly-exaggerated claims against them. Sometimes, when a lot of immigrants arrive from war-torn Countries such as happened with Bosnians and Croatians, it can leave those who are affected by emigrés arriving in their town, feeling as if they are somehow “getting everything they need.” But neglected houses are hurriedly decorated. Second-hand furniture arrives and the house is furnished. The family arrives and they are plunged into the local Community, knowing nothing of what to expect. Friends sometimes arrive to help as best they can, (for they too are strangers in a strange land,) and there may be an exchange of trinkets, rescued bric-a-brac, small things brought from home – now thousands of miles away.

They may be peasants, used to sleeping in conditions we might think are ‘inhuman’ or ‘squalid.’  They may be the equivalent of ‘middle-class’ people, having a good education and a good sense of their own ethnic identity. They may have been rich, used to much finer things, but now find themselves in great need and living only by the charity of others. They may live in fear for their lives – especially if they have come from war-zones where they experienced horrific ‘crimes against humanity.’ Whatever their misfortune, it seems there are those who cannot wait to double and re-double that misery. It is doubtless that some of the ‘urban myths’ (for that is exactly what they are) have become ‘mantras’ for the misguided and badly educated: the brutalized and abused of our own Country. Little wonder they feel so threatened and angry as soon as they see a darker skin!

Did you feel annoyed, angry, disappointed, unhappy.. or did you feel a sense of pleasant agreement, consensus, satisfaction, engagement?

The problem is, of course, make the above statement to the British Public and you are likely to find yourself in political turmoil and losing any hope of being voted for. The Public does not want to hear the unvarnished truth. Such comments might make for good sermons, but they will alienate and enrage those ‘football fans’ we spoke of above. One cannot talk of ‘compassion’ and ‘generosity’ to those who are ‘self-determined’ ‘selfish’ and ‘greedy.’ They only want to hear things that appeal to them on the deepest levels of their being. Words like ‘Restriction,’ ‘Reduction,’ ‘Embargo,’ ‘Control’ and ‘Confront’ will positively emotionally excite, while ‘Apply,’ ‘Concern,’ ‘Attention,’ ‘Benefit,’ and ‘Allow’ will negatively emotionally excite.

Strangely enough, the word “Austerity” is also a word that seems to have a positive emotional meaning to certain individuals, while retaining it’s negative impact!

nb. It is of no consequence to Government or any Political Party to try to control ‘reactions’ to policies, events or issues: they are only interested in being able to control how we think..

(more to follow)

The Dissemination and Control of Information

1. The Internet

The Internet/ Web is by far the most nebulous form of media communications arena, and therefore is also the most difficult to control and contain. Many Governments have simply used Draconian Powers with which to shut down the Internet or restrict the user’s ability to ‘surf’ ( to look at whatever information, publication, media or other interests exist on the Web, without restriction) freely within a given Nation. China, for example, has, on numerous occasions blocked Google’s search engine from accessing material Chinese Authorities consider to be too sensitive or too politically controversial to allow being examined. Other Nations too have used a number of measures to restrict access to material that we, in Western Europe, the UK and the United States consider to be part of our accepted freedom. Whereas, certain countries within the Arabic Nations restrict access to information or media they consider to be “contrary or blashemous to the accepted (Koranic)  beliefs and morals of Islam and/or against the encumbent political authorities. ” Recently though, there has been a lot of talk about the need to ‘police’ the Internet – especially in the light of the World Wide Web being used by International Criminals and Terrorists.  However, it is at a local level, within the boundaries of supposedly Free and Democratic Countries that the greatest threats to all forms of freedom of speech and freedom of belief are being experienced. In the UK, the Government has started to use powers which can compel Internet Providers to hand over information and details about all manner of communications – in many ways, breaching their own Laws on Data Protection. They have also extended the Laws on Terrorism and what constitutes a Terrorist Action, by allowing the Security Services to effectively ‘spy’ on the UK users of the Internet. There are also plans being put forward to restrict Local (and therefore Global) access to Social Communication websites during times of Civil Unrest.. This is in direct contradiction to the behaviour the UK Government had towards the “Arab Spring” uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and (at present) Syria. It also means that, was there to ever be a Dictatorial Government in the UK – organizing opposition could not be made through Social Websites. Also, access to other websites hosting video, audio and other media would also be forbidden. This would make Government Dictatorship wholly incontravertible. It is hard to see how any UK Government could justify this approach. Even in the instance of the London Riots, the use of Social Websites has actually identified more rioters than CCTV alone. However, the freedom to oppose, criticize or protest against any political party or Government is being rapidly eroded by the use of  ‘Libel Laws.’

I will discuss this in more detail later, but for now – let us look at how the Internet is currently being controlled and contained.

Anonimity and the Intrusion of The State in matters of Personal Identity.

It seems that every time you wish to make a comment about something of interest to you, there is a requirement by websites to fill in your personal details. Even if the comment you wish to leave is innocuous – the same requirement is made by most websites. This has become more prevalent with Newspapers, who seem to require more information than even Social Websites. Why is this?

Simple: They want to know who you are, and as much as they can about you: whether to sell you things you don’t really want or just to have information (power) over you: they do not allow anonimity.

To be anonymous is now perceived to be a threat to some idea of National Security.

To be anonymous or to attempt to be anonymous is regarded as a crime.

This is surely a bizarre and curious accusation, because those who are  in danger of being persecuted for their beliefs, attacked for their viewpoints and opinions and even in mortal danger if they are identified should be allowed to be completely anonymous. Yet the Government (and it’s predecessor Labour Government under the Prime Ministership of Gordon Brown) has determined that this is no longer allowable.

And that anyone who attempts to remain anonymous  has “something to hide..”

Yet: the truth is that, anyone who intends to breach National Security and carry out an act (or acts) of Terrorism will do so, irrespective of any information carried about their Identity.

The only true safe guards are those which are carried out covertly by Government, Armed Forces and the Security Services.

Indeed, during the Troubles in Northern Ireland – those suspected of Terrorism were subject to Diplock Courts, which consisted of  three UK Court of Appeal Judges, Prosecution and Defence Barristers, but no Jury. Each of these cases were heard in camera – that is, in seclusion from Press and Media. This was to “preserve the anonimity of those witnesses and members of the Armed Services and Security Services.” (ie MI5)

There is an increasingly irrational fear associated with anonimity – a fear which has been systemmatically connived at and profited by the Government, Police and the Security Services.

  1. Government  fears any and all anonymous opposition.

2.  Government  fears  any and all anonymous activism.

3.  Government  fears  any and all  hidden  identities that are not controlled or containable by the Government or the Security Services.

nb: Yet there are many who work within the Government who are anonymous to the Public, who did not vote for or appoint any of them. There are few who have even heard of the Chief Whip – yet, the most anonymous man in Government has immense power and he has never been voted for by anyone.. This extends to the thousands of Civil Servants who attend to the Government Idealogues who remain ‘faceless’.

During the last Labour Government there was a lot of fear fomented about Terrorism. The events of  The World Trade Center  on 11th September 2001 and The London Bombings on July 7th 2005 acted as a pursuasive argument to tighten the Laws on Terrorism. This lead to a raft of badly drafted and enacted Laws which did little to reduce the threat of  Terrorism, but only served to curb the freedoms enjoyed by British Citizens.

Then the ‘issue’ of Identity ‘theft’ on the Internet by international criminal syndicates became prevalent, and the Government tried to find a way to prevent it from spreading.                 Their ideas centred around “more information” being carried around, rather than already existing information being structurally reinforced.

In 2006 Prime Minister Gordon Brown launched his campaign to have Biometric Identity Cards (  imposed upon the British Public. Most of the arguments against such Identification Cards were about the overall cost- to- benefit ratio. By 2007 Brown and the Labour Government had been defeated in their aims.

2. The Media and Press

Many of the Newspapers we read belong to huge (yet largely “invisible”) Corporations, and many of the Titles of the different papers belong to the same corporation. News International – owned by Australian billionaire, Rupert Murdoch [and currently under investigation by the Leveson Inquiry into “Phone Hacking” at the now defunct paper, The News of The World. ] actually owns far more of the familiar UK Newspapers than might have been thought. These include – The Sun, The Daily Star, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express , The Times and Financial Times – all of which have so far,  not yet been investigated. This vast array of Newspaper titles are responsible for the dissemination of news information, political reportage, alleged ‘public opinion’ and a huge variety of other forms of news, – all of whom strive to portray a different identity, and all of whom are beholden to the same owners, senior management, shareholders and financiers. It is through these ‘political organs’ of dissemination that Government is able to repeat their policies and political ideologies, until, almost like a mantra, they can become embedded within the subconscious of the population. It is no small consequence that ‘politicized’ Newspapers are able to overwhelm (and therefore drown-out) dissenting, antagonistic or opposing viewpoints and comments, while appearing to give the impression that they carry the nation’s political and ideological consensus.

(more to follow…)

I have only recently began to fully understand, that it is not enough to merely control the flow of Information: in the world of hyperspeed broadband and satellite communications, it is also important to put into practice certain subtle, yet dynamic protocols to direct and the way information is actually received, understood, perceived, accepted, integrated, expanded or collapsed, amplified, drowned-out, spread (ie disseminated) and targeted within desired narrow parameters. Much information is subject to the maxim “perception is reality,”  that is, how a thing is perceived is how it really appears to the person perceiving it. To people who are Colour-blind, (and yet are unaware of  it)  they believe they are not. Their perception is that they are not colour-blind. It is why it is often difficult to dissuade a person from a previous belief in the light of new evidence. What someone perceives to be true: is true.

Information is subject to the same perception. Issues of ‘trust’ form the basis of reinforcing any perception. Trust can be engendered in several ways: through the use of precedents to prove a point, through the invocation of common values and aspirations, through the incorporation of previously established morals and laws, the ratification and support of those members of the Community who are already ‘trusted’ (especially those we ‘instinctively support’ by comparison to ourselves) and those who advocate matters considered to be “common-sense”.

ie. A historically assembled, well established and refined set of Moral and Communal comparators and codicils, which are measured and standardize by agreement within the collective consciousness. Put simply: Fire burns. You cannot spend more than you earn. Not all that glitters is Gold. A stitch in time saves nine. Simple standardized epithets which can be easily understood and form the basis of ‘first knowledge.’

However, this blog is not really meant to be an academic study. All I hope to do is stimulate thought and debate about the issues I am raising. In future blogs I will probably incorporate a more academic approach and feature quotes and resources in the form of a brief Glossary, but it is not the aim to provide an academic tool for research.

Thinking about the above, I have also come to the conclusion that, contrary to any bias I may have towards those in Political life or Office – Politicians, Ministers, Personal Private Secretaries and Press Secretaries never,ever deliberately lie. They never deliberately tell an ‘untruth’ (especially when it is something they know is untrue.) Lies and untruths may be contradicted and argued or uncovered and exposed, all of which have the most disastrous consequences for the one who lies. Moreover, the consequences for the Goverment in power can be utterly devastating, leading to calls for Ministerial resignations, a ‘Vote of Confidence’ in the House (which can lead to a collapse of Government Authority and, even to the Dissolution of Parliament itself.) The effect of a ‘lie’ being found out can be equally devastating for those Civil Servants, Party Officials and Government Sponsors.

No. Ministers etc. never lie.  But they never tell the whole truth either!

What every person who enters Politics learns to do is:  tell a version of the truth, and to distort, exaggerate, overplay and overstate, omit crucial details, repeat ‘ad nauseam.’ They can use the truth to damage the Opposition by only stating part of the whole, or, cause the whole to be disbelieved by ‘reducing to absurdity,’ trivializing details, making speeches about the ‘structure’ of the truth – rather than focussing on its effect.

Politicians tend to only employ the ‘whole truth’ about an issue (or some re-worded version thereof) if it can be presented in its most damaging and wounding aspect to the Opposition. And, when a Politician wants to extol the virtues of an issue or policy, they will state only the ‘bullet – points’ [ie. the most significant/important aspectsor features of the issue/policy] perhaps also adding some exhortation or congratulatory message to the Minister responsible.

In the nineteen eighties and early nineties this aspect of presenting political ‘messages’ was re-named “spin.” It forms the basis from which all  Governmental, Departmental and Official Information is spread throughout the Press, the Media and the Public.

eg. “2.5 Milliion Unemployed”  can be presented (spun) as “Only 2.5 Million Unemployed in the U.K today – Ministers announce a 17% fall in numbers after only TWO months in Office!” appears much more positive and upbeat – a “feel good” message that the Public will readily accept.  Whereas,  presented thus:

“2.5 Million Jobless – Government Ministers drag their heels as numbers fall by only 17%!”  the message becomes much more downbeat and gloomy. The message, however, is the same – the truth has merely been distorted.

En masse, the effect of downbeat and gloomy forecasts can have a domino effect upon other aspects of the Economy. “Bad News” does indeed – travel fast!

“Bad News” also travels furthest and in the most direct line.  Reflect on any News you have heard lately about ‘redundancies’ and listen to what the Minister/Representative/Spokesperson actually says. You will never hear any hint of apology or embarrassment in their voices. The message is always plain. The numbers are fixed. There is a simplicity in the message which is lacking in other ‘bad news.’ And, most crucial of all, everyone involved in the announcement of redundancies tries to stick to the same script. This is “being on message.” And is part of the arsenal of  methods with which Government/Politicians reinforce and direct information. It sounds like common-sense, and it probably is: “if you want people to understand the same thing, use the same language, syntax and even sentance structures!”

“If you want people to remember something: keep repeating it, word for word until they can hear it in their own minds!”

“Arbeit Macht Frei..” for example

Boiling Point

The process of demonization, stigmatizing the disabled and mentally ill has begun in earnest. The Tory Presses (now the ‘Coalition’ presses I suppose?) have been issuing one disgraceful diatribe after another – seeking to create ‘targets’ out of a community who are barely able to defend themselves. From the offensive remarks of Senior Tory Cabinet Ministers against those who are merely “Unemployed” to the physical and verbal attacks against disabled people, in wheelchairs or even just using a walking stick: people those same Ministers have accused of being “fraudsters” and “scroungers,” being attacked in the Press, The Media and by every method of propaganda available to them all. Such methods were, of course, employed both in Germany in 1935 against the Jews and Communists and anyone who stood in the way of Hitler’s Third Reich, and, in Soviet Russia, where discrimination against the Russian Jews was equally vitriolic, it fills me with dismay that here, in Britain, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century we are witnessing the same, dreadful and deliberate mechanisms, grinding those who the Government has declared ‘enemies of the Working Public’ to undignified despair! I make no apology for the accusations made in this blog – and I make no apology to anyone who reads this and finds it affects them in any way whatsoever! There are those who would like to accuse me of being “hysterical” about what is happening in Our Country today, but I have personal knowledge of the ethos and ideologies which lie behind Nazism – and I have a detailed knowledge of the political, ideological and psychological methods of its implementation.


My first assertion is this. The First principle of this Government is to control and contain the dissemination of information of all kinds.

1. The Internet

2. The Media and Press

3. Public Opposition and Libel Laws.

4. The control of Information through the prolific release of artificially created statistics and repetition of already disseminated information (The Needle In The Haystack Theory.)

5. The appearance of the same propaganda in multiple newspapers which ‘appear’ to support different political ideologies/political parties – and yet are actually supporting the same political ideologies and policies!

6. The restriction of “Free Speech” through the use of Libel Laws and the Intimidation of and the Restriction of ‘free enterprise’ through attacking Internet Provider Services.

7. The debasement and devaluement of Protest and Political Resistance. (As expressly shown through the implementation of legislation against Unions and other Worker Collectives.

8. The ‘reductio ad absurdum’ policy which seeks to make any argument against Government Policy or Legislation appear irrelevant, mundane or stupid.

9. The employment of Ministerial voices of mixed or foreign ethnicity to disseminate ‘racist’ policies.

10. The use of the Eurozone Crises (especially News Bulletins and Features) to undermine the Euro and make rescue of the Eurozone Impossible. [American and British Right Wing “Think Tanks” are probably behind most of the Market Disturbances which have adversely affected the Eurozone: victimizing ‘weak’ Trans-European Economies like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.]

The Welfare and NHS Reform Bills  (“La, La, La, Not listening” Politics.)

This Government has even brought in the schoolyard paradigm of putting fingers-in-the-ears-while-shouting-“La,La,La -NOT LISTENING!”  such is their panic about not getting their ‘reforms’ through intact. It is almost a matter of showing what they are made of, rather than addressing the serious needs of NHS and Welfare Reform. The unedifying spectacle of the Health Minister Andrew Lansley and the Works and Pensions Minister Ian Duncan-Smith churning out the same rhetoric again and again, defying any ‘public’ views or opinions (even from the Professional Classes) and complaining that, in spite of appearances – everyone is behind the Reforms, is both tiresome and pointless! Innumerable defeats in the Lords and one amendment after another being suggested, only to be told that the opinions  of the House of Lords too, count for nothing, because the Government is determined to push through the Reform Bills anyway using a little known and little used device called “Financial Privelige” Preventing the Reform Bills from being altered or amended due to ‘Budget Restraints.’

However: recently a Conservative blogger wrote that “Three prominent Cabinet Members said that the NHS Reform Bill will have the same effect as the Poll Tax!”  He continued with “my sources (ie the three Cabinet Ministers) say the NHS Reform Bill should be dropped.. as should Mr Lansley..

No sooner had this blog been posted than the furore began. Temper tantrums by both the Prime Minister David Cameron and Health Minister Andrew Lansley (who refused point-blank to answer any questions or give any response to the blog,) seemed to overflow. Cameron said that the NHS Refroms would be ‘pushed through’ – in spite and in the face of substantial, mounting opposition. Most of the Professional Healthcare Organizations, their Heads and the Chief Unions of the NHS Nursing, Medical and Auxiliary Staff had already declared that the NHS Bill should be dropped immediately, saying it was “unfit for purpose..”

At this stage, it could be easily argued that Cameron and the whole of the Coalition are simply seeking to circumvent Democracy. But constantly defining their policies as ‘cruel to be kind’ they patronize and devalue protest and opposition. This is not merely children refusing to do their homework or go to bed on time – this is a Nation, speaking in different tongues but with the same message. Cameron would be wise to listen.

The message is this.

The supposed need for austerity: the management of Public Funds and the probable reform of some established services is not any reason for you or your Coalition to attempt to ride roughshod over the Will of the People. We are not a Nation that “does not know its own mind”: and we do not need to be patronized by the likes of you either! You are not  a “worker” – you are a diletante, a pen-pusher, an idle dreamer and and a Taxpayer/Benefits drain like few others – save the Civil List and some Peers. You wouldn’t know ‘real’ work if it punched you in the mouth! You pretend you know what work is, but, considering your priveliged and altogether ‘elitist’ background – how could you possibly know what real work is like? That said, the whole of your Government is equally out-of-touch with what the Public thinks – mainly, because beyond the next election – WE don’t EXIST!!

So. You and the Coalition have not been given the right to treat us with contempt – no matter what you might think! The trust afforded you and the Coalition, is totally dependent on you  ALL ‘listening!’ and taking our views and opinions seriously.

Don’t continue on with your ridiculous “delusions of grandeur” supposing you are a  feted “Caeser” – you are a mere Bureaucrat, a ‘Caretaker’ until a real leader shows him/herself and you are not inexpendable.

Austerity is no reason to suppose you can use Draconian or Autocratic measures or circumvent or deny  Democracy. This isn’t China David! Not everyone in this Country is asleep either : and not everyone is afraid!

Lastly: What goes around comes around – and those you impoverish now will eventually assist in doing  the same to you.And you have no ‘coping skills’ – especially when you are separated from your other, equally contemptible chums.

The next time you rise in the House of Commons to try to lie about how much the Public, Professionals or some other faceless ‘quotient’ support you – remember that you cannot control the Media, Newspapers or the BBC all the time and once your lies are found out – like Thatcher – you will be driven out of office..forever.

You cannot ignore US!

However, perhaps it is better to simply let certain ‘facts’ speak for themselves. David Cameron welcomed Unum into the infrastructure of the Country, even though Unum (a Private American Medical Insurance Company) are in the process of facing innumerable Class Action Lawsuits for Fraud and Deception – among the many accusations which have been made against Unum is that they ‘systemmatically defrauded people out of both Insurance Claims and Insurance Entitlememnts. Many of the Fraud Investigations are being conducted by Federal Authorities as Unum has allegedly carried out the same offences across the United States. Yet David Cameron has welcomed Unum.. Why? Perhaps because if the NHS Reform Bill went through without Amendments, the likes of Unum would be free to defraud British Taxpayers, Workers and Professionals as well as the Disabled and Mentally Ill, wholly protected by the Prime Minister’s ‘guarantees’ (pledges that one would hardly consider using as lavatory paper, let alone trust the printed words!) Many more parasitic and morally dubious Medical Insurance Companies would find Britain becomes a “Free-for All” market – and in a single stroke, the NHS would be finished, broken up and turned into Private Hospitals and Healthcare Centers with all that entails. The biggest joke is that WE have already paid for the WHOLE of the NHS Infrastructure (its buildings and services etc) and WE would be handing it over to PRIVATIZATION in the SAME stupid way as the Utilities (remember them?) BT (the most parasitic organisation in modern Britain) and British Rail which, under endless numbers of private concerns has become the worst and most expensive Public Transport system in the whole of Europe! The State run system might have been poor, but the private system is just beyond useless! In the space of three years – utilities companies (Gas and Electricity) have put up their prices by over 200% Recently some of the Utilities have dropped their prices by, up to 15%, but this has often been recouped immediately, because although they have dropped their electricity prices – they have maintained cripplingly high Gas prices. They know that it doesn’t matter which service they are providing, whether Gas or Electricity-  because even if they ‘appear’ to drop one price, a small rise in the other will immediately cancel-out any supposed ‘cut.’

NB: Two weeks after Gas and Electricity prices were cut, Water charges were increased!

The Government say they can do nothing.

The Welfare Reform Bill took a hammering by the Lords too, yet their Amendments were voted down and the brute force of the device of Financial Privelige was imposed. Many of the aspects of the Welfare Reform Bill are just perceived as ‘nasty.’ They have no real purpose except to show the hubris and insolence of untrammeled Powers of State. The inability for Government to ‘show’ any proof of the Public Support the Coalition protests they ‘enjoy’ in the Welfare Reform Bill leaves many Charities and Social Services convinced that many of the enactments within the Bill are wholly unnecessary and speak to the abuse of the legislative process by the Minister for Work and Pensions – Ian Duncan-Smith.

Both of the Reform Bills before Parliament are instruments of the State, showing it’s contempt and insolence towards the Public. Discriminating in the Press and Media between ‘Worthy’ and ‘Unworthy’ – ‘Deserving’ and ‘Undeserving’ – yet they, as the biggest parasites in the British Economy – who neither toil, nor build, create nor serve – are truly undeserving of either trust or obedience. The Coalition are a cabal of autocrats, deluded Public Schoolboys with a penchant for “sticking it to the Oiks!”  perhaps their panic and incapability is worthy of them being assessed by ATOS?

Who knows – perhaps they would ALL be placed in Work Related Activities or Workfare?

But, so-far, they have never taken a cut in Salary or their expenses: in fact, last year they were increased – even though they are ALL Public Workers!?

Their Pension Entitlements have not been reduced or affected in the way MILLIONS of Public Sector Workers have And they have already been handed a “take it or leave it” choice by Government.


In fact, it is LORD FREUD – after he was released only weeks into a lengthy Prison sentence, who has been a vocal and loyal supporter of the Coalition.

Not that there is any corruption associated with Lord Freud. Nor any doubt about his probity. Nor any concern about his conflict of interests, due to his early release from wandsworth!?

Is’nt there?