Some people out there are real cowards. I mean “craven,” “yellow-belly,” “crawl-in-the-dust-for-the-rest-of-your-miserable-lives” cowards. Cowards that truly deserve to be air-dropped by Parachute (or not) into a truly life-threatening environment (Syria, Afghanistan,Iran) just to watch them defecate themselves with terror and crawl into a hole pulling the earth on top of them.

They know who they are.. and this is for them alone!

“You are the kind of person who is deceitful about small, insignificant things. Thinking yourself clever and cunning: you are (in your own mind) a real ‘survivor.’ You are desperate to be ‘liked’ and equally desperate to be feared. A paragon of useless virtues: shiny shoes, pressed trousers or slacks, cleaned fingernails, but hiding years of stored bitterness and envy: you are merely sycophantic and proud of ‘who’ you know – rather than what you have strived for, achieved… or maybe even tried and failed at!  You want/need/must punish others for any and every imagined and petty infringement upon your ‘World’ – yet your experience and understanding of the world is so facile it could easily be mistaked for Edwin A. Abbott’s  ‘Flat-Land.’ In fact, navigating ‘flat-land’ would be too much of an intellectual drain. You experience everything as an ‘affrontery’ to You. Nothing is too insignificant for your prurience or intolerance. You like to become involved in large groups: to hide in the strength of numbers and to ‘adopt’ their mantle. You strive to become anonymous: your sole ambition is to become utterly vicious in your anonimity: an anonimity you need to preserve at all costs!.You are the sneak theif. the silent bully. A parasitic mind bent on its own quiet supremacy.

You love to interfere in the lives of others. Meddling in matters that have nothing to do with you. Like the furtive paedophile, anxious at being discovered. You are careful to cover your tracks. You mistake this as some form of higher intelligence or that you are acting covertly like some military superbrain. You fantasize about being a super-criminal, feared and hated for your ruthless and pitiless nature: yet when confronted, you eschew all knowledge of wrongdoing and are terrified of blame or responsibility: all you want to do is run away and escape.

Many present-day TV Programmes like ‘Big Brother’, ‘Fame Academy’, ‘X Factor’ and ‘I’m A Celebrity..’ are made for individuals like you. For you love the overwhelming feeling of power that it gives you: even for a brief, fleeting moment – to advance or wreck the dreams and ambitions of others: this power excites you (perhaps even more than sex?)  To mock and scorn the efforts of others when you, yourself remain utterly talentless and empty. Or perhaps you are talented: perhaps you have an overarching ability that compounds your intolerance and conceit? It might be that, for all your talents and abilities, they just don’t or will not coalesce – leaving you frustrated and bitter. Perhaps you are even a Professional with experience of hardship that you can’t wait to inflict upon others.. As a teacher, you prefer the “School of Hard Knocks” – although your own learning was fraught because of your own unwillingness to learn or plain stupidity, you like to ‘teach’ because that too fulfills some vague, unrealized notion of your own power. You don’t so much teach as indoctrinate – and only so far as your role as the ‘Master’ remains incontestable. Little wonder your ambitions are as hollow as your ‘professionalism.’ For when the mask slips, and the true face of your abilities is glimpsed – it is like the curtain moving – revealing the machinery behind  The Great and All-Powerful Oz!

‘Secret Voting’, that’s what you like!..All from the comfort of a well-upholstered armchair or sofa: the spiritual pursuit of an idle, evil, narrow little mind. It wouldn’t be so bad if you had the courage to challenge those around you – to disagree once-in-a-while, but you’re too slavish for that. After all, you are ‘one of them..’ aren’t you? At least, until they tire of your presence. You are the eternal ‘hanger-on’ :the last invited to parties, But you don’t like to be told what to do, to be contradicted or challenged in any way and you get your own back in small and petty ways. Waiting until your ‘friends’ backs are turned or they are pre-occupied in some other way: a little petty damage, a scratch on a new TV screen, a remote control that no longer works, a broken vase or wine glass – nothing too expensive, let’s them know just who is ‘Boss’. Moreoften though, it is the kind of damage that is seldom immediately found and takes days, perhaps even months to become noticed. You may even innocently point out the unnoticed damage yourself, revelling in the knowledge that it was you.. all the while wanting to shout at your ‘hapless’ friend:

Hey, thicko! F*cking stupid arse! It was ME all the time – I damaged your property! Or, you may want to boast: I f*cked up your chances of joining the Darts Team, I scratched the paintwork on your new front door – under your f*cking nose too! You can’t catch me, I’m too clever for you. I have ALWAYS been too clever for you!”

How ironic it is that you are so well loved by those same friends.. for now.

You relish the idea, the notion that you can do these things and worse and still smile affectionately, reassuringly, offering the hand of friendship to your unknowing victim.You may justify youself with whatever limpid excuses you think apply.. “Cruel to Be Kind..” or even “Cruel to be Cruel..” It doesn’t matter – both are the instruments of your own undoing.

You claim accolades and achievements that are not yours or mock the hard won achievements of others, won by their hard toil, hours of labour and a determined devotion to their work – suggesting that you too could easily do the same – yet showing no ability, aptitude or inner strength to do so. Those you cannot challenge, you defame: those you cannot beat, you undermine with half-truths and well placed lies. Those you admire, you seek to destroy. Those you cannot compete against you dismiss.

Psychologists call you a “Malignant Narcissist.”

And now you lend your malice to politics and meddle in the lives and concerns of others in mortal and incalculable ways. It was people like YOU who voted through (or did not oppose) the Welfare Reform Act which will now destroy very many disabled people in all manner of guises (bodied, mental illness, disabled) and it is YOU and your kind who will, no doubt, meddle further to create greater numbers of dispossessed and impoverished.For you are also those who write the foul rhetoric, publish the defamations and protest your innocence when you are caught – even ‘red-handed’ you still insist you are ‘Not Guilty..’

Ever and anon it has been like this.. You, escaping every snare, You, escaping every consequence and You, escaping every judgement.. No more of that!..

The light is increasing and you will not be able to hide in your fetid darkness forever. One day – someday, sooner than you think, you will be found and dealt with, and all the malice and hatred you have secretly stored up will spill out leaving you bereft. Your punishment will be beyond excruciating and there will be no-one and nothing to prevent it. Because no-one will want you to escape this time..No amount of clever thinking, reckoning, estimation or appeal will prevent the machinery of humiliation crushing you into a sad, pathetic and completely exposed wretch.

So my advice is hide. Pull the World down upon yourself and hide in the rubble. Be like the cockroach we know you to be: lurking in shadows, feeding on excrement.

The Sun is coming and your fate is already sealed.”